NLP Master Practitioner Training

Continue your path with NLP

Learn the strategies for success and self mastery


NLP is often described as the ‘technology of achievement’

Happiness & fulfilment

Learn how to take control of your emotions 


Discover the secrets of rapport and excellent comunication


Improve your ability to succeed in business

Skills to transform your life

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

The NLP Practitioner Training is the first step in your journey to self mastery. You’ll learn the most sophisticated and powerful strategies of success and achievement that will help you in every area of life.

Why learn NLP?

Discover the secrets of self-empowerment

NLP teaches you principles and techniques to help you be more in control of your mind and emotions

Create better relationships

You will learn how to create deep rapport with anyone and also how to improve your communication skills which can help you build closer and richer relationships

Succeed in business

NLP teaches you skills to succeed in business. These techniques can help you in sales, achieving goals, communicating and building relationships and so much more…

Create the life of your dreams...

An important principle of NLP is that if someone is capable of achieving something, then you are too! NLP teaches the skills to model success – don’t wait for the life you want, create it NOW!

What will you learn?

Master conversational transformation

  • Learn how to change beliefs simply in conversation
  • Sleight of Mouth patterns
  • Conversational suggestions released over time
  • Learn about Prime Concerns – life changes in conversation
  • Utilise the language of time
  • Learn about advanced presupposition & predicates
  • Advanced conversational influence

Advanced Submodalities & Strategies

  • Deepen your knowledge of submodalities and use neurological drivers to create change
  • Design your own ‘SWISH’ pattern
  • Advanced strategy elicitation and utilisation in business, therapy and relationships
  • Conversational change using the
  • Logical Levels of Therapy
  • Designing and changing strategies

The fundamentals of personality – Values & Metaprogrammes

  • Elicit someone’s values
  • Uncover and resolve values that are in conflict
  • Changing values
  • Personal evolution & value levels
  • Metaprogram elicitation 
  • Utilising metaprograms & values in sales
  • Transforming the personality matrix
  • The keys of motivation
  • How to create powerful motivation patterns

Modeling – installing excellence in yourself

  • Learn how to model excellence in other people and assimilate it in yourself
  • How to install excellence in others
  • Learn about models of excellence in learning and memory – learn how to supercharge your memory

Quantum Physics & NLP

  • Introducing quantum physics and its role in personal change
  • Quantum physics and personal empowerment
  • Learn about the Holographic Universe and healing

Breakthrough Coaching 

  • Learn how to run transformational breakthrough sessions in business and personal change
  • Experience deep transformation as you experience and give a 5 hour personal breakthrough session during the course

Temporal Repatterning®

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