About Us

Tom MacKay

Helping you reach your full potential

I believe that everyone has incredible potential that they are often unaware of. My mission is to help them unleash their potential and achieve the results and happiness they want.

My Story

Tom MacKay was one of the first NLP Master Trainers in the UK. He started training in psychology, NLP and hypnotherapy in 1990 and has worked with thousands of people privately and in organisations. As an NLP Trainer, many of his students have gone on to become some of the most successful NLP trainers themselves.

Tom became a Master Trainer of NLP with INLPTA, the world’s most respected non-commercial NLP association. Following the training, he went on to run NLP Trainer trainings internationally with Dr Wyatt Woodsmall. Together, they developed the first INLPTA Coach Practitioner and Master NLP Coach Practitioner trainings in the UK.

Tom has appeared on television several times, including taking part as the expert psychologist in a show for the BBC.

Originally trained as a professional violinist and actor, Tom enjoys performing and has a passion for making trainings entertaining and enjoyable for all participants. He loves working with people and helping them achieve their goals.

My Values & Beliefs

People are resourceful

I believe people have within them the resources they need to achieve anything they want that is within the realms of possibility. I am passionate about helping them achieve this

Learning should be fun

People get so used to spending years of their life being bored in school, however the real way to learn is through having fun. Therefore as well as teaching in great detail I try to make the experience as fun as possible for my students.

I do this because I love it!

A lot of people seem to be in this business because they want to make money. For me it is about helping people be the best they are. I don’t like courses that offer loads of gimmicks like lots of ceretificates in a few days, free intro seminars etc. They are basically just marketing tactics. I try to be upfront and honest about all my training.

My Approach

NLP has been an incredible journey for me, and I hope it will be for you. I’ve been working in NLP for over 25 years and when I first learned NLP in the early 90s, the Practitioner course was over one year, Master Practitioner another year and before even becoming a trainer you had to assist on lots of courses to get experience. A lot of people running courses have only attended short motivational courses themselves and missed a lot of the richness that NLP has to offer. I believe that learning requires practice and time. If you are looking to attend a course just to get certificates and hopefully start a new career, then my training isn’t for you. Courses that say they are accelerated and have cut the Practitioner course down to a few days or a weekend but cover the same content as longer courses are just trying to sell a hyped up course. You can’t reduce over 20 days to a few days without leaving things out!

If you are looking for a deeper understanding and mastery of NLP that you can use in your own life and with other people, then this would be the course for you.  I offer a variety of different ways to complete your training and want to help guide you on the path to being the best you can be,


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