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NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming is all about using your mind to get better results. People who take our trainings come from all types of background, business, teaching, policing, therapists, athletes and virtually every other profession. We’ve had gold medal winning Olympic athletes on our courses as well as celebrities. Whether your goal is to learn skills to help you in your profession, or just to improve your life, NLP training can help you.

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What Is NLP Training For?
What is in an NLP Course?

I’m passionate about helping people achieve their dreams and be the best they can be. Over the last 25 years I’ve studied psychology, NLP and many other fields to find the most effective and powerful ways to help people reach their potential.

With the online courses and live trainings, as well as our other resources, I hope to share with you the cutting edge technologies I have put together for helping people reach their goals.

Can NLP training change my life?

Absolutely! But only if you are committed to making the changes. NLP is all about self improvement and empowerment. When you come on a training if you give 100%. you will get amazing results

Is NLP a professional qualification?

Although NLP Practitioner certification sounds like a professional qualification, it was never intended to be. You’ll learn skills that can transform your business and life, but beware providers who claim to be offering a professional qualification, because it isn’t!

Can I start at Master Practitioner level?

You need to have taken a Practitioner course prior to studying Master Practitioner. There is a lot of additional content you’ll learn at Master Practitioner level and it assumes you are already competent with the Practitioner course material

Is learning online as good as in a class?

You can learn really effectively online. There are many parts of the training that involve working with someone else, so if you want to complete the Practitioner certification, you’ll need to evidence practicing the techniques with someone else.

How can NLP help me?

NLP is all about the study of success. Whether in business, sports, communication skills, therapy or in other area, people who get results do things in certain ways. The quest of NLP has been to discover how these people think, feel and behave and produce models you can follow to get amazing results. Learning NLP can help you get the results you want in life and also help other people.

About Us

With over 25 years of experience, our mission is to provide the highest quality business and personal development trainings. Take an NLP training in London or book us internationally, experience transformational coaching or take a course online to master your memory, achieve success or build your confidence.  Tom MacKay is one of the most experienced NLP trainers in the UK. Many courses are now offered by his previous students, or students of his students.

For a limited time, Tom is still offering the opportunity to train directly with him. If you are looking for the best NLP courses, sign up now!


“Just incredible! I learned so much more than I even thought possible. Tom is an amazing trainer”

“I’d actually started a NLP Practitioner course somewhere else, but left after a couple of days. I’m glad I gave it another go with Tom MacKay, because this NLP course is outstanding. Beware of imitations!”

“I’m a teacher and I’ve taken what I learned on this NLP training back to my school and had brilliant results – not just with students but also communicating with other teachers and parents.”

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With our full range of live NLP training, online courses, transformational coaching and products, you can achieve the life you want more quickly.

These programs have been put together after years of studying the strategies of experts, to help you learn the most advanced, cutting edge techniques and principles available. 

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